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Why buy a pre-owned aesthetic device?

Many people do not realise that a brand new aesthetic device can depreciate by as much as 50% as soon as it leaves the manufacturer and enters the practice. Often, practitioners rush out to buy the latest and greatest in aesthetic technology only to discover the market was not as large as they anticipated for that treatment, or the system does not live up to the hype. Why take on all the risks of long term financial commitment and obsolescence concerns of equipment ownership? As long as you can ensure that your machine has passed quality control tests and is in great working condition, purchasing a pre-owned device makes for a financially sound decision.

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Quality Control Guaranteed

Our aim is to only source equipment from reputable suppliers who provide the highest levels of service and care to equipment. All featured devices undergo thorough inspections and come with full service reports provided. Browse our ever expanding range of products or email us to register your interest for a specific device.

Trusted and Credible Source

We want to offer aesthetic professionals the chance to own the latest in aesthetic technology while mitigating the risks associated with equipment ownership. Our experts will have every step of your journey taken care of: from organising the finance for your purchase, safe shipping of the device to your clinic, installation and testing of the system so that it is ready for treatments, and arranging the high quality clinical training for your staff on how to safely and effectively operate the system.

Save Money

Avoid the hit on depreciation! New devices lose their value by over 50% as soon as they are purchased. In addition, we offer you access to the best finance solutions the market has to offer. Lasertrade has established connections with all the major and boutique lenders to bring you the right finance packages for long-term business growth. If you are looking to sell any surplus medical aesthetic equipment, our experienced consultants can walk you through the process of reselling.

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