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How it works

Step 1Product Upload

Seller Posts Product

Seller Posts Product

Using our easy-to-use 4-step wizard, the device is posted onto the marketplace by the seller. This form asks for everything we need to list your product, so it’s important to fill out as much data as possible, including high quality images.

Step 2Negotiation

Seller and Buyer Communicate

Through our facilitation, the seller and buyer will communicate, ensuring all information regarding the device has been passed on and then negotiate a price for the device. Once a price has been negotiated, an invoice will be sent to the buyer with an estimated shipping cost included.

Step 3QA Check

Deposit and Quality Assurance Check

Deposit and Quality Assurance Check

Once the invoice has been issued, the buyer will pay a 10% deposit to Lasertrade. Once received, the seller will organise a Quality Assurance (QA) check with the manufacturer, or a certified engineer. Once the check is complete, and any repairs required made, the seller will upload the final report for review to confirm that the device is ready to be shipped.

Step 4Shipping

Device is Shipped

Once the device has been given the all clear, Lasertrade will organise for the device to be shipped to the buyer. When shipping has been booked, the seller will receive the funds, minus the commission. The buyer receives the device and confirms delivery.

Step 5Warranty

Buyer warranty period

Buyer warranty period

When the buy receives the device and confirms delivery, there is a 7 day warranty period allowing for returns and refunds if something is not right with the device. This will be paid at the seller’s cost but cannot be used as a change of mind return.

Further Information

Buyer Deposit

The deposit is non-refundable if the buyer pulls out of the sale. However, the deposit will be refunded if sale is cancelled due to seller causes, e.g. machine is irreparable or refuses to pay for repairs or refuses to pay for QA check.


Shipping is charged at cost to the buyer from the final destination point. This means if a device needs to be shipped to a manufacturer/engineer, the seller will pay, as part of the QA check, the shipping costs to the manufacturer/engineer. Shipping for all directions will be organised by Lasertrade.

Quality Assurance (QA) Check

The seller is responsible for organising the QA check from a pre-approved manufacturer/engineer that they have used previously on the device and absorbing all costs. If the manufacturer/engineer is unknown to Lasertrade, verification will need to be performed by Lasertrade

QA Check Shipping

The seller is responsible for all shipping costs for a QA check to manufacturer/engineer. If assistance is required to ship the device to the manufacturer/engineer, Lasertrade will organise shipping at cost to the seller with payment upfront required.

QA Check Repairs

If repairs are required on the device, the seller must pay for these through the manufacturer/engineer to get a valid report. If the seller refuses to repair device for any reason, the sale will be void and the seller will need to pay any costs incurred. In this case, the buyer will receive a refund on the deposit.

Refund/Warranty Period

Once the buyer has received the device, they have 7 days to ensure that it is working as expected, and if there are issues, they are liable to ask for a refund. The refund process will be managed by Lasertrade. Any claims made after 7 days will not be refunded.

For further information see our terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to charge and pay GST?

Yes, all transactions must include GST. The only exception are for sales internationally, where the buyer will not have to pay GST.

How does the minimum fee work?

The minimum is how much will be paid by the seller if the commission amount is less than the minimum. For example, if the final sale price is $10,000, the commission owed will be $2,000 + GST.

Who pays for final shipping?​

The buyer will pay for the shipping from the final destination. This means if a device needs to be shipped for the QA check, the seller will pay for the initial shipping, however, the buyer will then pay for the device to be shipped from the QA check.

Who pays for quality assurance checks?

The seller will pay for all quality assurance (QA) checks required on the device. The seller will also be responsible to pay for any repairs required that may arise from the check. Finally, if the device needs to be shipped to the manufacturer/engineer, the seller will pay for this shipping.

Are the commissions negotiable?

No, we have a flat rate for all customers, to keep it easy for you and us to manage. We believe our fees are low enough that there is no need to negotiate.

What if I need support during a transaction?

Simply use our contact us form at the top of the page and let us know what is not working and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer financing if I can't afford a device?

We can provide financing through one of our partner finance agencies across Australia. We will provide your details to them and they will assist with financing.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do, once you have put an offer in, we can work with you regarding shipping and other logistics.

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