Buy your next pre-owned device without having to leave your office

Buying a device through Lasertrade is simple

Follow the below process to understand how easy it is to purchase a genuine pre-owned medical device

Search our marketplace to find the product you are looking for

Our marketplace is simple to use. You can search by devices, modality or manufacturers to find what you are looking for.

Once you have found the device you want to purchase, simply click on the device listing and you’ll be taken to the product page.

Can't find what you want? Get on our buyer's list

Sometimes we’re missing items that you specifically want. While we do our best to source what you need, we have to wait occasionally for one to come in.

Use our buyer’s list to let us know what items you are looking for and as soon as we get a listing for that item, we will contact you before putting the item live.

This gives you exclusive access to what you want before it goes public.

Use our three step form to select the type of equipment and models you want so that we can keep you updated.

Enquire about the product you want

We have multiple ways for you to enquire about products. You can choose to speak to a Lasertrade engineer to get more information around the product. Through this, we will provide all the information we have and help you get the right price, working with the seller to negotiate.

We can also link you directly to the seller, allowing you and them to communicate about the device and negotiate with them.

Whichever method you choose, we will ensure that you get the product you want at the right price so that all parties are happy. Once the deal has been negotiated, we will sort out the rest.

We organise the required checks and logistics

Once the deal is agreed upon, we will invoice you for the full product, with a 10% deposit required immediately. Once we receive your deposit, we will organise a quality assurance (QA) check to ensure that the device is in full working order and contains genuine parts.

If there are any fixes required, we will work with the seller to organise these before finalising the deal. Once the device is all clear, we will request the remainder of the funds and organise shipping.

We will not organise any final shipping until the payment has been received from you.


You receive your genuine pre-owned device ready to use

Once all payments have been organised, we will organise packing of the product and get it sent to you as soon as possible using sensitive freight to ensure that there are no damages.

You will have peace of mind know that the device is in fully working order and that your money is well spent.


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