Now it's easy to sell your devices with zero hassles and full confidence

Sell your devices in 5 simple steps.

Our user friendly process will let you easily list your device and sell it without you having to organise all the logistics, allowing you to get your money quicker!

Use our 4 step wizard to submit your device

Our easy to use form can be found in the header under ‘Buying or Selling?’. In just four steps, you will be able to submit your device for review. This form asks for everything we need to list your product, so it’s important to fill out as much data as possible, including high quality images.

Some tips below while filling out the form:

  •  Be sure to mention the number of consumables and quality of the consumables
  • Be accurate with the number of shots already used on the device to save time later
  • Submit as many photos as possible showing the quality of the product
  • Attach all service documents and warranty documents

We list your product on our marketplace

We put your device listing through our approval process to ensure that all required items have been submitted and we have enough information to list your item.

We also review the requested sales price providing any advice we can around how much we believe that your device is worth.

One your item has been approved by our sales team, the listing will go live on our website for all buyers to view and enquire about.


A buyer finds your product and enquires

Through our many daily visits to our site, and our strong buyer’s list, we will find a buyer for your product.

Once a genuine buyer has been found we offer the opportunity to connect you with the buyer to discuss the product and start negotiating a price. Sometimes, depending on t situation we can step in and do the negotiations, however, we like to give the customers freedom to make the choice.

Once a deal has been made between you and the buyer, we are ready to move on to the next step.

We organise for a quality assurance check

Once the deal is agreed upon, we receive a deposit from the buyer and organise for a quality assurance (QA) check on your device. The QA check is performed on site, and you will receive a report shortly after the check as been completed.

If any fixes are required, you will need to organise them with the engineer and pay for them yourselves, however, we pay for the actual check. Once the report is all clear, we will receive the final money from the buyer and organise logistics to ship the device from you to the buyer.

We will not organise any final shipping until the payment has been received from the buyer and we keep it in escrow.


You get paid for your device and the deal is finalised

While the QA check is happening, you will be sent a link to generate an invoice to us for the sale of the product. The invoice will be for the total amount minus our 15% commission.

You can choose to use our invoice generator or use your own accounting package to send us an invoice. We will let you know either way what the total amount you will receive and how much our commission is. Generally our commission is 15% with a minimum of $3,000.

Once the item has been shipped and received by the buyer and we receive your invoice, we will pay you straight away.


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