2013 Clear and Brilliant – Solta Medical

MakeSolta Medical
ModelClear and Brilliant
Device CategoryFractional Laser
TreatmentsNon ablative skin rejuvenation
HandpiecesStandard Permea handpiece
Consumable Costs
Price Purchased$25,000 + GST
Price For Sale$11,990 + GST
Engineering CheckAvailable
Service ContractAvailable
Additional InformationLocated in Sydney, system has been serviced by Solta Medical for its entire life, selling at a low price for a quick sale
Contact InformationEmail – [email protected]
Phone – 0403 964 914

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$25,000.00 $11,990.00

About The Manufacturer

Solta Medical

Solta Medical

SOLTA MEDICAL® (A Division of Valeant Aesthetics) is an aesthetics devices company involved in the research, manufacture, and marketing of various laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency machines to get rid of acne, wrinkles, and facilitate permanent hair removal. The company was founded in 1996, and was originally known as Thermage, Inc., the namesake of its first product. Since then, Solta Medical has developed a variety of devices, like Fraxel Restore, a non-ablative laser to treat large surface areas; Thermage NXT, an upgraded version of the first model; and Clear and Brilliant, a laser technology to stimulate collagen production and provide laser skin resurfacing. In addition to developing products, the company has also completed a number of acquisitions with such companies as Aesthera Corporation and Liposonix. Because of an expanding portfolio, the company changed its original name, Thermage, to Solta Medical, to place all brands under one umbrella and prevent consumer confusion.

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