2013 MedArt VariMed 810 nm Diode Laser System

The system is new in the box with the Diode only being used a few times. The vascular handpiece has not been used. The system still has the original boxes.

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MedArt VariMed 810 nm Diode Laser System

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Laser Hair Removal Machine & Vascular Treatments

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Hair Removal, Vascular


The MedArt 3D scanner, with the ideal weight of 290 g, places a series of 9 spots of each 8 mm diameter, within the large 5.7cm2 treatment area. The precise spot overlap ensures even energy distribution. The controls on the scanner itself enable the scan pattern to be changed conveniently to a single line or single 8mm spot for treating smaller areas. Treatment safety is enhanced by the combination of super long-pulse technology ans contact cooling. The super long-pulse enables safe treatment of darker skin types, and the pre, parallel and post treatment cooling increases patient comfort and minimises the risk of unwanted side effects.

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The combination of the MedArt 435 Diode laser system, Medart 413 3D Scanner and MedArt 525 Skin Cooler provides an option for laser hair removal treatments and surgical endovenous vein treatment by using a special adaptor and a bare fiber.

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For more information on the second hand MedArt VariMed 810 nm Diode Laser System for sale, please see https://medart.dk/products/medart-varimedtm-810nm-diode-laser-system-2/

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