2016 Superlux SHR IPL

This item is sold and no longer available. If you are interested in this device, please have a chat with our live chat team or register your interest https://www.lasertrade.com.au/waiting-list/ and we will add you to our waitlist for the next available.

The business operating the system has closed its doors, and the system is packed in its original transport crate ready for purchase

Price is inclusive of a QA check and shipping


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Further information can be sent upon request, the system is ready for quick purchase and packed for safe transport with original transportation crates

About The Manufacturer

The Global Beauty Group

At The Global Beauty Group, our mission is to make people feel wonderful.

We achieve this by providing all beauty businesses the opportunity to experience the latest in cutting-edge aesthetic technology. Our emphasis is on superior quality and innovation delivered at the best possible price. Our extensive equipment range, flexible financing and gold standard customer service ensures each and every client feels they are receiving the very best the industry has to offer.

For more information on the secondhand Superlux SHR IPL for sale, please see https://www.theglobalbeautygroup.com.au/technologies/superlux/