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Device CategoryIPL and Laser
TreatmentsLaser skin resurfacing
Laser wrinkle reduction
Laser scar and stretch mark treatment
Permanent hair reduction
Vessel and pigment clearance
Leg vein clearance
HandpiecesMaxR 22796
MaxG 3564
1540 1029
Consumable CostsCynosure chiller fluid Luxlotion
Price Purchased$179,000 + GST
Price For Sale$130,000+ GST
Engineering CheckYes, Included with the cost is a full technical service check by Cynosure engineers to ensure the system is up to the same quality standards as a new system
Service ContractYes, a 1 year service contract is included as standard with this system, directly from Cynosure Australia, not a third party non genuine provider.
Yes, a full training set from Cynosure Australia is included in the price of the system.
InstallationYes, Installation is included
TransportationYes, Full shipping is included with the purchase
Additional InformationSystem is near new, and full our full service is included with the system. This includes a full quality assurance inspection by Cynosure engineers to ensure the system is ready to go, similar to a roadworthy for a car.

It is also provided with a 1 year service contract as standard to ensure you are covered with the same cover and safety as a brand new Cynosure laser. All costs are included, such as training, transportation and installation by Cynosure engineers.
Contact InformationEmail – [email protected]
Phone – 0403 964 914

Alternatively, have a chat with our live chat team now for instant information on this device.

$179,000.00 $130,000.00

About The Manufacturer



Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of light-based aesthetic and medical systems. Our products provide a diverse range of treatment applications such as hair removal, skin revitalisation and scar reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular lesions and removal of tattoos.

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