2020 Dragline mask and ear loop welding machine

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Device Details






Dragline Mask and ear loop welding machine. Mask plant and stock

Manufactured Year


Specific Equipment Type

Face Mask Making Equipment

Sale Price


Treatments Performed

Face mask production



Shot Counts




Consumables used by device


Consumables with purchase

70000 masks work of raw material, 9000 mask boxes, 1000 Visors for masks

Annual Service Price

No annual servicing required

Service Contract Price


Additional Information

A near new, fully operational 3 ply ear loop face mask plant for sale.

It is capable of producing 150 masks per minute and has been professionally built and commissioned using imported & local components.

It is is a compact plant with a footprint measuring around 3.5m x 2.5m. It can be easily moved (shipped on pallets and sits on wheels)

It has had little use, making around 20,000 masks only – basically during the set up phase.

Our company's business has been in medical/dental supplies and we bought this equipment to branch into manufacturing PPE rather than just supply it. We are now simply too busy keeping up supply of our other products to continue this part of the business and under the current circumstances, we feel it should be made available to someone who will put it to use and exploit its full production capabilities.

The entire plant consists of:

1) a drag line mask machine which rolls, pleats and welds the 3 layers of mask material together (as well as the nose wire) to make the body of the mask. (150 pieces per minute)

2) a fully automatic ear loop ultrasonic welding machine which can weld and attach the ear loop elastic to approx. 3000 masks/hour.

3) a semi automatic ultrasonic welding machine which can weld and attach clear polycarbonate visors to the ear loop masks.

4) a brand new Lincoln 120L air compressor which allows the consistent running of the two welding machines (2 & 3 listed above). This system has been set up with two adjustable pressure gauges, a lubricating feed and a condenser unit to eliminate any moisture from the system.

5) Included is a large stock of raw mask material to make approx. 80,000 masks.

5) Also included is 9000 boxes to pack the masks in. They are standard mask boxes with perforated tops that hold 50 masks per box.

The equipment has been built & upgraded to Australian specs including RCD protection, emergency bump stops, clear safe guards & caution/warning signs where appropriate.

Whilst commissioning and building the plant, we have even written simple to follow operating and maintenance procedures (with pictures and diagrams) for minor adjustments etc.

The parts include warranty with 9 months remaining (out of 12) as well as many spares included with the purchase.

The masks have not yet been rated as this will be dependent on your use but this can be arranged and can be negotiated in the sale price and I can also help if you choose to do so. All preliminary tests of the included raw material show a ASTM Level 3 ear loop mask.

The machinery can be easily shipped and set up Australia wide and by following the simple included instructions, would be fully operational within 4-5 hours. We would be happy to assist with shipping and setting the machine up for you which can be all negotiated upon sale.

The system produces excellent quality masks at a fraction of normal prices whenever you need them. Please feel free to contact me for more details about the price and shipping. I can provide full pictures and videos of the units in operation upon request.

Any additional information can be sent on request


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