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Part 4: How to Choose the Right Used Laser for your Practice

How to choose the right used laser for your practice You may already have an idea of what you want, but it’s important to ask yourself if this machine is a good fit for your practice and your budget. You’ll need to crunch the numbers to work out if the revenue you expect to be able to access with the machine will realistically support your financial outlay. Make sure you tell the broker what you want, rather than the other way around. All you need from your broker is the facts and technical support to be able to determine what...

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Part 3: Financing and Warranty Considerations

Choosing the right financing LaserTrade is able to advise on financing options that are available through our relationships with various financing companies. In general terms though, there are usually three ways to pay. Cash: The ability to buy quickly in cash can give you extra leverage when negotiating a discount. Credit card/PayPal: These afford the protection of being able to dispute transactions. Leasing: Leasing often means lower upfront costs but usually also means higher rates of interest. You will usually also need to personally guarantee the purchase which basically means you are in fact buying. You usually also can’t break...

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Part 2: Doing Research on the Seller

Doing your homework When you’re buying second hand, you’ll need to know what machine you want, the training, upkeep and maintenance it will require (so that you can establish the true costs involved), the reliability and quality of your chosen brand, as well as the history of maintenance of the specific machine you are looking at. Because manufacturers typically don’t assist second-hand purchasers, you’ll need to do your own research on all aspects of your chosen device, such as its longevity, maintenance needs, efficacy and light delivery methods. Not all laser brokers will know everything about your device – sometimes...

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Part 1: Your Complete Guide to Buying Pre-owned Aesthetic Laser Devices

According to a recent report by Daily Telegraph, Australia has surpassed United States as the country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries per capita, with an incredible 500,000 cosmetic procedures performed in 2017. With demand for aesthetic treatments at an all-time high, and a seemingly endless catalogue of treatment options for consumers to choose from, it’s no wonder providers are constantly seeking out the latest and greatest aesthetic technology to accommodate new markets and growing population. Before you venture into the brave world of aesthetic technology, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to buying pre-owned devices to help you achieve...

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